Chittarth P Mehta

Mutual Fund Distributor

Business Partner

Life Planner

Chittarth P Mehta

Mutual Fund Distributor

Business Partner

Life Planner

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Most successful tool to get better return against Inflation Return available in the money market

Loss of liquidity income risk can be transferred by Term Life Insurance and every bread winner must have sufficient term insurance.

Medical expense is enemy of savings. To protect our savings, everyone in the family should have sufficient health insurance.

1. Commission income
2. Reward and recognition
3. Domestic and international training conclave
4. Time freedom
5. Business with investment

About Me

Welcome to the world of Savings Solutions and Protection Solutions.

I am an Individual Financial Advisor (IFA) and authorized to offer Mutual Funds Savings Solutions I am also Business  Associates with Tata AIA Life Insurance Company and Chola MS General Insurance Company for Health Insurance Solutions. I am authorized to offer an Insurance Agency.

During the journey of my career, I am connected with my customers via mobile and whatsapp with Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Morbi, Bhuj, Adipur, Talaja, Surat, Rajula, Junagadh, Amreli different parts of Gujarat and Saurashtra.

In the mutual funds and insurance solutions, from call to submission digital platform is available. So I have decided to explore web world and offer my knowledge and service to anyone who wants to secure their financial goals like family protection, child savings, retirement planning, tax savings, secure savings etc.

  • Services Financial Advisor
  • Experience 10 years
  • Residence: India
  • Address: Bhavnagar,india
Dear Friends I m Dr. Kedar Mehta , Practicing doctor in Ahmedabad since last 25 yrs. My wife is teacher since last 15 yrs. We have started our mutual fund investment since 2005-2006. I have come across few of the mutual fund advisors since then, but we found difference in Mr. Chittarth Mehta not only as a Mutual Fund Agent but he is real our fund manager or we can label as a 'Portfolio Manager'. He understands our job profile, income source & retirement planning. He advises us only after proper study & work up of money market.At regular interval he suggests us to book profit from the market & park in the liquid fund & at the time of correction of market advises for further purchasing from the liquid fund only but from already profit booked amount..... so in future PROFIT ON PROFIT. As a advisor Mr. Chittarth Mehta is knowledgable,always resourceful, actively involved,enthusiastic & above all very sincere. Adding one more feather in his crest.... When my son started his earning ,Mr. Chittarth Mehta advocates the advantages of young age 'Term Insurance' & 'Life Insurance' planning to my son & us too. Advantages of young age 'Term Insurance' : 1) High coverage with less premium 2) Financial safety for future family members 3) Indirect importance of savings Mr.Chittarth Mehta's honesty, loyalty & integrity towards his clients is worth appreciating. Again he is doing few social service by explaining the importance of savings to lower socio economic class by asking them to stay away from few vices & instead invest in their retirement planning.Hat's Off. Good going Mr.Chittarth Mehta Wish you All the Best.
Dr. Kedar Mehta
Dr. Kedar Mehta
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    June 17, 2022 સવાલ પરિવારની આર્થિક સુરક્ષાનો છે, જાણવું કે અજાણ રહેવું તમારી મરજી.

    નકારી ન શકાય તેવી હકિકત છે કે મોટા ભાગના રોકાણકારો જીવન વીમા સલાહકારો સાથેની મુલાકાત ટાળે છે. પરંતુ, વાસ્તવિકતામાં મહદ્દઅંશે…

    February 12, 2022 ટર્મ ઇન્સ્યોરન્સ ઉત્પાદનોમાં બજારમાં ઉપલબ્ધ વિકલ્પો

    ટર્મ ઇન્સ્યોરન્સમાં અનેકવિધ વિકલ્પો ઉપલબ્ધ છે… તમારી જરૂરિયાત નક્કી કરો અને પ્રોડક્ટ પસંદ કરો. કોવીડ મહામારી બાદ લોકોમાં જીવન વીમા…

    chittarth p mehta
    December 8, 2021 आम के आम और गुटलीओ के भी दाम સાબિત થઈ રહેલા ELSS મ્યુચ્યુઅલ ફંડ્સ

    आम के आम और गुटलीओ के भी दाम સાબિત થઈ રહેલા ELSS મ્યુચ્યુઅલ ફંડ્સ        કરદાતાઓ માટે (ટેક્સ પેયર) માટેનું…

    September 5, 2021 निवेश में बढोती और सलामती चाह्ते हो, तो म्युच्युअल फंड सही है ।

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